12 ways TTI initiatives impact transportation

Teens in the Driver Seat

teenage driver with teenage passengerTo address the growing crisis of teen deaths from driving, TTI developed Teens in the Driver Seat (TDS), a peer-to-peer driving safety program unlike any safety program in Texas or the nation. TDS relies upon young drivers themselves to create safety messages and then serve as the messengers to make their peers aware of the risks of teen driving.

Improved Mobility

city busThe Transit Mobility Program at TTI provides research and technology transfer expertise in all aspects of public transportation planning, management and operations.

Homeland Security

barrier crash testTTI has helped assess the performance of antiram bollards and antiram walls for the U.S. Department of State for use as antiterrorist protection barriers to be installed around U.S. embassies and other government buildings.

Highway Crash Cushions

ET2000In 1991, the TTI-patented ET 2000TM guardrail end treatment was developed. Over 325,000 units have been shipped throughout the United States since then.

Border Crossings

a border crossingTTI and a team of other research agencies have developed a prototype border crossing that promises to significantly reduce the delays and congestion for trucks crossing the border.

Universal Freight Shuttle

Universal Freight ShuttleThe Universal Freight Shuttle consists of electrically powered vehicles that travel on a specialized, derailment-proof guideway similar to the “people movers” operating at some major airports and cities. Researchers say the major benefits include the low operational costs and the promise of congestion relief.

Managed Lanes

example of managed lanes in useThis multi-year project represents a forward-thinking way of utilizing our current roadway capacity to move people and goods in the most efficient manner possible.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

a person monitoring traffic remotelyTTI’s intelligent transportation system research has been implemented in several major Texas cities. Real-time train detection and analysis systems have expedited emergency vehicle dispatch, enhanced signal operation and averted major accidents.

Work Zone Safety

work zone worker with SLOW signTTI researchers focus on improving motorist safety, worker safety and traveler mobility in all types of highway work zones.

Ground-Penetrating Radar

van equipped with ground-penetrating radarThis innovation allows pavement problems to be diagnosed without closing down lanes of traffic — a remarkable boon to mobility and a measurable savings in time and money.


retroreflectivity test bed at nightUsing research test beds throughout the country, TTI researchers have developed standards for the type and placement of retroreflective traffic control devices, a critical component of safe driving at night.

Motorcycle Safety

motorcycle driven in trafficTTI teamed up with other agencies in Texas to develop a statewide motorcycle safety awareness campaign known as “Look, Learn, Live.”