Making Goode Sense: The Way Ahead with TTI


Last year the David R. Goode National Transportation Policy Conference published Well Within Reach: American’s New Transportation Agenda. The bipartisan conference, cochaired by former Secretaries of Transportation Norman Mineta and Samuel Skinner, suggested that without a fundamental change in direction, our nation’s transportation system simply will not meet our future needs. The Goode report recommends … Read More

The Sky’s the Limit

TTI Researcher analyzes data.

The Texas Transportation Institute’s (TTI‘s) new Environmental and Emissions Research Facility (EERF) is officially open for research. Joe Zietsman, director of the Center for Air Quality Studies, describes this facility as a “researcher’s dream come true.” The EERF was made possible by a competitive grant award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Houston … Read More

The Right Time and the Right Place: Taking Care of Our Infrastructure

Highway crossovers

Texas’ transportation system has allowed the state to successfully compete in a global market. An efficient transportation network allows companies to move their goods efficiently and effectively, offering just-in-time service to their customers. In the current economic climate, the agencies that oversee our transportation system must make every dollar count. This renewed focus means using … Read More

Security Is More Than a State of Mind

Truck crashing into a bollard

“9/11 changed everything.” Nearly a decade after the deadliest foreign attack on American soil in our nation’s history, that phrase is almost a cliche. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less true. In medieval times, the main gate, or portcullis, was the most important part of a castle’s security. If the gate was breeched, enemy … Read More

TTI in the Media


Over the past year, TTI experts answered tough questions on a variety of state and national transportation issues. Over 2,500 newspaper articles, broadcast television spots and professional journals — with a potential reach of over 725 million readers and viewers nationwide — mentioned the Institute or its experts. Here are a few excerpts of TTI‘s … Read More

Short Course Long on History, Achievements

TxDOT commissioners seated at Short Course.

With the theme “one DOT,” the 84th Annual Transportation Short Course attracted more than 1,800 professionals for the two-day event at Texas A&M University Oct. 12–13. Rich with history — the first Short Course occurred when President Calvin Coolidge occupied the White House — Short Course is cosponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) … Read More

Texas Transportation Pioneer Inducted into Hall of Honor

Among those attending the induction ceremony of David Laney (second from left) were TxDOT Executive Director Amadeo Saenz (center) and former TxDOT executive directors (from left to right) Arnold Oliver, Michael Behrens and Wes Heald.

With a long list of Texas and national transportation accomplishments to his name, the former chairman of both the Texas Transportation Commission and the National Rail Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), David Laney, was inducted into the Texas Transportation Hall of Honor Oct. 6. With numerous colleagues and well-wishers in attendance, the induction ceremony took place at … Read More

Advisory Council Addresses Challenges of Texas Transportation


With the state’s transportation concerns a main focus of their annual gatherings, members of the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) Advisory Council had much to consider when they met in College Station Sept. 16. Discussions centered on a number of tough issues, including the lack of federal and state funding for road projects and the impact … Read More

Awards and More

2011 Traffic Safety Conference; March 21-23, 2011; Austin, Texas

TDS Honored by National Safety Council, Gains Partner The National Safety Council (NSC) has recognized the Teens in the Driver Seat (TDS) program with its Teen Driving Safety Leadership Award. This is the fourth national award the TDS program has received. For most of its nearly 100-year history, NSC has focused on workplace and transportation … Read More

Available Reports and Products

Technical Reports “Alternative Methods for Developing External Travel Survey Data,” by Steve Farnsworth, 0-6583-1, October 15, 2010. “Analysis and Recommendations on Protecting Waterways from Encroachment,” by Joan Mileski, 0-6225-1, July 30, 2010. “Bioretention for Storm Water Quality Improvement in Texas: Pilot Experiments,” by Ming-Han Li, 0-5949-2, July 28, 2010. “Development, Calibration, and Validation of Performance … Read More