Texas Transportation Hall of Honor 2008 Inductees

Marquis G. Goode, Jr., portrait

The Texas Transportation Institute is proud to announce the 2008 inductees into the Texas Transportation Hall of Honor. They will be formally inducted in a ceremony in the fall of 2008. The Hall of Honor is located in the main conference room in the Texas Transportation Institute’s Gibb Gilchrist Building in the Texas A&M Research … Read More

Awards and more

Dennis Christiansen presenting Jim Schutt with a clock

ITE honors TTI with awards, positions After 18 years as a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), Gary Thomas, director of the Center for Professional Development and Fellow of ITE, has been elected to the ITE Board of Directors, representing the Texas District (TexITE). Thomas joins 15 other board members who will help … Read More

Clean fuel from landfills in India

Researchers at a landfill in India

Researchers work to capture landfill gases in India for use as an alternative fuel The thriving province of Maharashtra is one of the most populous and prolific industrial centers in India. With a population of over 96 million residents, it is particularly vulnerable to energy demands and pollutant emissions. The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) is … Read More

Available reports and products

Technical Reports “Enhancements to PIA System for Real-Time Control at Isolated Traffic Signals: Technical Report,” by Nadeem Chaudhary, 0-5507-1, May 2, 2008. “Construction Details and Initial Performance of Two High-Performance Base Sections,” by Tom Scullion, 5-4358-01-1, May 2, 2008. “Verification of the Load-Thickness Design Curves in the Modified Triaxial Design Method,” by Emmanuel Fernando, 0-4519-1, … Read More

SCHOOL’S IN, but are commuters paying attention?

Kids exiting a school bus

Stop-arm violations put school bus drivers on alert Riding the bus to school. For many of us, it’s a pleasant memory full of children’s laughter, a bumpy (but fun) ride and the reassuring hiss of airbrakes. While some commuters only have to decide if they’ll drive their car to work or not, parents have other … Read More

Putting the “ICM” in team

State Highway 75 in Dallas

Interagency cooperation through integrated corridor management Transportation agencies do an outstanding job of operating their transportation networks with limited staff and fiscal constraints, but we still have congestion. Ideally, every agency in a region would have tools to allow collaboration in operating the entire transportation system for the greater good. With the help of the … Read More

There are many alternatives

view of a traffic jam from the driver seat

Even without record gas prices, the days of heavy dependence on “one driver, one car” are numbered. Many can no longer afford the luxury. Across much of the state, there are simply too many people, with too many vehicles, attempting to go too many places at the same time. The resulting congestion is only one … Read More

Making room for the railroad

Trinity Rail Express commuter train

Passenger rail could be making a substantial comeback Passenger rail was the best way to travel long distances 100 years ago. In the 20th and early 21st centuries, rail has been the exception rather than the rule. But in the wake of rising gas prices and reduced mobility, transportation planners are now looking at this … Read More

Navigating work zones: The pedestrian perspective

two people in wheelchairs in a crosswalk

It’s a nice day for a stroll. You head out the door and hit the sidewalk. But wait—someone’s doing construction and has torn up the sidewalk. How do you safely navigate around the work zone? Do you walk in the street? Do you cross the road to use the other sidewalk, if there is one? … Read More

Share and share alike?

crosswalk with pedestrian and cyclist

TTI compares effectiveness of TDM programs Have you ever abandoned your SOV in order to use a vanpool and then taken a GRH provided by a TMA? If you don’t know these terms, then you’re probably not one of the many travelers that have decided to share a ride with others. However, you may have … Read More

Saving your breath


The Drive Clean Across Texas campaign A reality of the one driver, one car scenario is the pollution created by so many commuters. Much of our time on the road is often spent idling or driving slowly in traffic, which pollutes the air and is a primary contributor to ground-level ozone production, especially in the … Read More

One person, one vote, one car?

TTI researchers surveyed commuters in Houston and Dallas to determine what motivates them to use managed lanes.

Commuters give their two cents about carpooling Over the years—with more affordable gas prices and roadways that seemed infinite in their capacity for handling traffic—drivers got in the habit of hopping in their cars and going places. But these days, with higher gas prices and more congested roadways, it’s getting increasingly expensive and time consuming—not … Read More