Arrington Research ViewPoint Eye Tracking System

TTI has an Arrington Research ViewPoint Eye Tracking System. While the eye tracking system can complement the equipment in the instrumented vehicle, it is also capable of functioning on its own, whether stationary or in another test vehicle. The system is head mounted, employing three cameras affixed to a pair of light goggles, with one camera looking forward and one camera looking back at each eye. The unique method of eye tracking employed by the ViewPoint enables the collection of accurate glance position data regardless of the amount of driver head movement. This is achieved by synchronizing the image from the head-mounted, forward-looking camera with precise eye movement/position data to provide dynamic coordinates which can then be laid over the video image to display exactly where the subject's eyes were focused in space. This system can also be integrated into the instrumented vehicle and synchronized by the Dewetron in order to, for example, determine the distance (from the global positioning system [GPS]) at which a driver glances at a given road delineation sign or a specific pavement marking.

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