The Center for International Intelligent Transportation Research

As economies become more global, challenges faced by international urban centers like El Paso become more pressing. These challenges drive the innovation and discovery that are at the heart of the work of the Center for International Intelligent Transportation Research (CIITR). Established by the Texas Legislature in 2006, the CIITR seeks to:

  • maintain and improve mobility in the face of growing traffic and shrinking resources.
  • increase border-crossing efficiency while maintaining security.
  • improve air quality to advance personal health.

In each of these missions, the CIITR is committed to enhancing the quality of life for the Paso Del Norte Region and to developing solutions that can be successfully applied in other U.S. border environments.

The Expert View
Climate Trends and Transportation

by Lorenzo Cornejo

Climate change is happening. Rising global average temperatures have been documented beyond a reasonable scientific doubt. And those same rigorous empirical standards are predicting this trend will continue.

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