The Mobility Division of TTI consists of three programs:

Mobility Analysis

A range of mobility issues, from measuring the problems to estimating the benefits and evaluating solutions are addressed by the Mobility Analysis Program. Researchers have developed a range of performance measures and the guidance on when to apply them. The measures focus on travel time and speed as quantities that work well for professional analyses and are easy to communicate to the general public and decision makers. Recent efforts have identified the importance of measuring the average conditions and the variation from day-to-day. These detailed studies not only provide the public a better idea of how transportation systems operate, but also provide agencies with better data to improve operations strategies and resource allocation.

Transportation Planning

Researchers in the Transportation Planning Program study travel behavior and travel data collection methods. They perform travel demand model analyses, freight modeling analyses, demographic forecasting, and land use impact analyses. Program researchers also design, manage, and analyze travel surveys, develop simplified demographic forecasting techniques, and conduct training in these techniques. The program specializes in transportation planning research.

Urban Analysis

The Urban Analysis Program staff technical specialty is transportation planning. Researchers lead and assist in a wide spectrum of transportation planning technical activities. These activities include developing and delivering professional development and policy training, direct technical assistance and technology transfer with sponsors, and applied research in the areas of transportation/air quality, access management, traffic monitoring for planning, and distracted driving.

Featured Research
Improved Urban Mobility Report Distributed

The latest Urban Mobility Report builds on previous reports with an improved methodology and expanded coverage of the nation’s urban congestion problem and solutions. The Urban Mobility Report includes information on long-term congestion trends, the most recent congestion comparisons and a description of many congestion improvement strategies. All of the statistics have been recalculated with the new method to provide a consistent picture of the congestion challenge in nearly 500 urban areas. All of the measures, plus a few more, have been updated and included in this report. Read More

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