Urban Analysis


The Urban Analysis Program staff technical specialty is transportation planning. Researchers lead and assist in a wide spectrum of transportation planning technical activities. These activities include developing and delivering professional development and policy training, direct technical assistance and technology transfer with sponsors, and applied research in the areas of transportation/air quality, access management, traffic monitoring for planning, and distracted driving.

The Urban Analysis Program is located in Arlington, Texas. View a map to the office’s location online.


Researchers in the Urban Analysis Program have expertise in the following areas:

  • Statewide and Metropolitan Transportation Planning and Programming
    • Training and Management Reviews
    • Statewide Transportation Plans
    • Unified Transportation Programs
    • Metropolitan Transportation Plans
    • Transportation Improvement Programs
    • Unified Planning Work Programs
    • Project Selection and Priorities
    • Rural Planning Organization and Coordination
  • Transportation/Air Quality
    • Evaluation, Implementation, and Monitoring of Transportation Control Measures (TCMs)
    • Air Quality Impacts from On-road and Off-road Mobile Sources
    • Development and Application of Transportation Sketch-Planning Tools
    • CM/AQ Program Analysis
    • Conformity Analysis Processes, Procedures, and Rules
  • Statewide Traffic Data Collection and Analysis Systems
    • Highway Performance Monitoring System and Traffic Monitoring Guide Application
    • Strategic Planning
    • Overweight Vehicle Analysis and Trends
    • Statistical Sampling
  • Access Management
    • Principles and Practice
    • Safety
    • Economic Impacts
  • Transportation Finance
    • Innovative Financing
    • Cash Forecasting Methods
    • Geographic Distribution of Funds
  • Transportation Policy
  • Federal Functional Classification
  • Mobility Coordination for High-impact Construction Projects
  • Public Outreach
  • Preliminary Engineering

Beyond technical specialties, the Urban Analysis Program research staff have:

  • Produced technical brochures, guidebooks, manuals and research reports,
  • Facilitated multi-agency workgroups,
  • Developed and delivered adult-education training,
  • Provided public and stakeholder outreach,
  • Maintained websites, and
  • Produced and published podcasts.

Cooperative Relationships/Sponsors

The Urban Analysis Program maintains cooperative relationships with the following current and recent sponsors:

  • Battelle Memorial Foundation
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Midland-Odessa MPO
  • National Highway Institute
  • National Transit Institute
  • Southwest University Transportation Center
  • Texas Department of Transportation
    • Finance Division
    • Transportation Planning & Programming Division
    • Fort Worth District
    • Tyler District
  • Transportation Research Board

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Bill Frawley

Bill Frawley
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