Travel Forecasting


The overall goal of the Travel Forecasting Program is to support and assist public agencies in the implementation and application of current and emerging technologies in travel forecasting. The objectives of the program are:

  • Training and Technology Transfer – To serve as a focal point for training and technology transfer in travel forecasting technology.
  • Model Development Support – To assist various agencies in the development and calibration of travel forecasting models for specific urban areas.
  • Model Application Support – To serve as a focal point for assistance and support for the application of travel forecasting models and techniques. Model application assistance will be provided to state agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, local agencies and to other programs within TTI.
  • Development of New Modeling Techniques – To participate in the development of new or improved modeling techniques.
  • Practical Implementation of New Modeling Techniques – To assist with moving state-of-the-art modeling concepts into practice.
  • Software Application Support – To serve as a focal point for assistance and support for the application software used for travel forecasting.
  • Software Development – To develop needed software; to provide for implementation of travel forecasting techniques; to improve data summaries for analyses; to assist in data preparation; and to interface the travel models with GIS systems.

The Travel Forecasting Program is located in Austin, Texas. View a map to the office’s location online.

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The Travel Forecasting Program’s emphasis on technical assistance, training and technology transfer requires staff with the necessary technical expertise to develop models and assess model results; however, it also requires the ability to succinctly convey the theory and process underpinning model development. The Travel Forecasting Program is fortunate to have staff with considerable background and demonstrated experience in the development and application of travel models and travel model software as well as relevant experience in teaching and training modeling concepts.

Cooperative Relationships/Sponsors

The Travel Forecasting Program’s two primary sponsors are the Texas Department of Transportation’s Transportation Planning and Programming Division (TPP) and the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC); in each instance the relationship has been long-standing and mutually beneficial. The longevity of the relationships has facilitated and enhanced TTI‘s ability to assist both agencies in developing the institutional capacity to perform travel related technical analyses while also providing TTI with opportunities to address implementation of new technology and improved practices and procedures.

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