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The Research and Implementation Office in Dallas assists local agencies and organizations link research findings to implementation practices through the transfer of technology. TTI has operated an office in Dallas to serve that rapidly growing area of the state since 1968, when the Federal Highway Administration selected TTI to develop one of the first integrated freeway and surface street control and management systems in the United States.

The Research and Implementation Office in Arlington provides ongoing research and technical support to the Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso and Lubbock TxDOT Districts, DART and other sponsors. This office works in coordination with the TTI Dallas office to support the TxDOT Dallas District.

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The Dallas Research and Implementation Office has expertise in the following areas:

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems,
  • ITS Architecture and Standards,
  • Freeway Management,
  • Traffic Control Systems,
  • Traffic Engineering and Operations,
  • Computer Programming,
  • Software Systems Design and Integration, and
  • Traffic Management System Software Design.

The Arlington Research and Implementation Office has expertise in the following areas:

  • Freeway Analysis,
  • Incident Management,
  • Safety Studies, and
  • ITS Evaluation.

Research Initiatives

The division is currently pursuing the following research initiatives:

  • Dallas Freeway Management System,
  • Rural ITS Applications in TxDOT Dallas District,
  • North Texas Tollway Authority ITS Plan,
  • Regional Comprehensive ITS Plan, Dallas-Fort Worth Area,
  • Improved ITS Information Network for Incident Management, and
  • Freeway Traffic Operations Course Instructor.

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