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Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s 2012 Urban Mobility Report is now available online.

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) conducts research in all modes of transportation. For more than 50 years, TTI researchers have created a vast array of innovations, from chemical compounds that produce longer-lasting pavements, to software applications that make roadway networks operate more efficiently. Known best, perhaps, for its innovations in roadside safety, TTI has tested and developed roadside features that are credited with saving thousands of lives on highways across Texas and around the world.

As transportation has changed over the decades, so has the focus of TTI‘s problem-solving work. As roadways have become more crowded, researchers have sought to measure the effects of traffic congestion and develop practical solutions such as high-occupancy vehicle lanes, managed lanes and intelligent transportation systems—the use of technology to manage traffic.

TTI is also devoting attention to the emerging issues of tomorrow’s transportation challenges, including transportation’s impact on the environment and the ever-present question of how best to finance future transportation construction.

When daily news developments involve complex transportation issues, TTI experts can help bring those issues into clear focus. For help in finding an expert who can answer your questions (and help you meet your deadline), please contact:

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