Featured Researchers

Ed Hard

Mr. Ed Hard is a research scientist and manager for TTI's Transportation Planning Program. He has ov ... (more)

Tom Scullion

Tom Scullion is a Texas A&M Regents Fellow, senior research engineer, and the manager of TTI's Flexi ... (more)

Trey Baker

Trey Baker is an associate transportation researcher with the System Planning, Policy and Environmen ... (more)

Katie Womack

Katie Womack is a senior research scientist at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and manager of ... (more)

Brianne Glover

Brianne Glover is an Associate Transportation Researcher with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute ... (more)

Mary Beth Hueste

Dr. Mary Beth Hueste is an Associate Professor and Holder of the E.B. Snead '25 Career Development P ... (more)

Jeff Shelton

Jeff Shelton is an assistant research scientist with the Research and Implementation Division in San ... (more)

John Maddox

John Maddox is TTI's director of collaborative program strategies. Maddox was formerly the associate ... (more)