Luis David Galicia, Ph.D.

Galicia, David

Assistant Research Scientist

Research & Implementation - El Paso
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Texas A&M University System
4050 Rio Bravo Dr., Suite 212
El Paso, TX 79902
ph. (915) 521-8104 Ext. 14104

Short Biography

Dr. Galicia has more than ten years of experience in the area of civil engineering and more than five in the area of transportation infrastructure, transportation and traffic engineering, transportation planning, transportation demand modeling, and project management. In the transportation area his expertise includes consulting and research on transportation planning including travel demand models, mass transit systems, ridership forecasting, network analysis, traffic management, highway engineering, pavement design, toll road traffic and revenue forecasting, and various feasibility studies for transportation infrastructure. His experience also covers other areas of civil engineering such as construction, foundation design, soil mechanics, structural design, geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial technology.

Dr. Galicia is currently an Assistant Research Scientist at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) in El Paso. In this role he contributes with the analysis of travel demand modeling, regional and urban planning specifically for border-crossing regions, an the development of a GIS-base regional network. Dr. Galicia was one of TTI instructors teaching the module Design of Roadside Structures for graduate civil engineers, faculty members, and transportation professionals at the University of Pristina in Kosovo sponsed by the International Development (USAID). Dr. Galicia also contributed to the project Development of a Methodology to Estimate Transport Sector Indicators funded by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB). He specifically contributed selecting the most suitable road safety indicators in Latin- America (at a national and regional level) to be used by stakeholders to measure the status and performance of the sector over time.

Prior to joining TTI, Dr. Galicia worked for two years at the Border Intermodal Gateway Transportation Laboratory at UTEP where he developed guidelines for the improvement of transit and mass transit systems along existing corridors in the State of Texas. He also worked for Calymayor and Associates (C&M), an international consulting firm, where he leaded projects concerning toll road forecasting, infraestructure management, travel demand modeling, and transportation infrastructure construction supervising. He has three years of experience as an associate professor at one of the top civil engineering universities in Mexico: the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City. There, he developed inovative learning techniques and was awarded as best professor in two consecutive years 2004-2005. He also contributed to update the civil engineering undergraduate academic program.

Some of his major contributions as a consultant and researcher include reports on Creation of a 2012 GIS-based Regional Master Network, Assessment of Commuting Crossing Cost and Mobility Index at El Paso-Ciudad Juarez International Bridge of the Americas, Comprehensive Planning and Design Guidelines for Incorporating a Bus Rapid Transit Scenario to the Analysis of Texas Highway Corridors, Data Driven Approach to Estimate Transit User Benefits due to Various Bus Rapid Transit Alternatives in El Paso (Including Geospatial Analysis), Application of an Integrated Land Use and Transport Model to The El Paso and Ciudad Juarez Bi-National Area (Using Geospatial Analysis for Demographic Characterization), Incident Database for Interstate 10, US Highway 54, and El Paso Loop 375 in El Paso County


  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), El Paso, Texas, 2010.
  • M.S.C.E., University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, California, 2003.
  • B.S.C.E., Civil Engineering, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Cd. De Mex. Distrito Federal, Mexico, 1998.


  • Assistant Research Scientist, Research & Implementation - El Paso, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, March 2011 - Present.
  • Graduate Student Worker, Research and Implementation - El Paso, Texas Transportation Institute, January 2010 - February 2011.
  • Graduate Assistant Research, Research and Implementation - El Paso, Texas Transportation Institute, September 2008 - January 2010.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, University of Texas at El Paso, 2003 - 2008.
  • Design Engineer, CGS and Associates, Mexico City, Mexico, 2005.
  • Associate Professor, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico, 2003 - 2005.
  • Project Leader, C&M and Associates, Coyoacan, Mexico, 2004.
  • Resident Engineer, Cost Estimator, Profesionales y Asociados PROASA, Cd. De Mexico, Mexico, 1998 - 1999.


  • Transportation Research Board (TRB).
  • Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).
  • Fellow, International Road Federation (IRF).
  • Member, System Dynamics Society.

Honors & Awards

Daimler International Mondialgo Engineering Award, Bronze Medal, Daimler AG- UNESCO, 2009.

Executive Leadership Program, International Road Federation (IRF), 2009.

Outstanding Student, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), 2007.

Graduate Scholarship, National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutes (ANUIES- Mexico), 2001.

Selected Publications

L.D. Galicia, J.S. Williams, I. Ibarra. Creation of a 2012 Multi-Purpose Master Network for the Paso del Norte Region: Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), El Paso (Texas), and Las Cruces (New Mexico). Strategic Research Program. Project No. 186042-00004. Texas A&M Transportation Institute, College Station, TX. August 2014.

G.A. Valdez, L.E. Cornejo, L.D. Galicia, A. Bujanda, D. Salgado Manzano, M. Borrego, K.G. Jurado Duarte. Design of an Express Carpooling System for the Border Region. Center for International Intelligent Transportation Research, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, El Paso, TX. August 2014.

A. Bujanda, R.M. Aldrete, U.R. Navarro Hernandez, J.S. Williams, L.D. Galicia, K.P. Fierro. Application of an Integrated Land Use and Transport Model to the El Paso and Ciudad Juarez Binational Area. TTI-2011-11. Project No. 186050-00003. Center for International Intelligent Transportation Research, Texas A&M Transportation Institute. March 2011.