Development of Innovative New Technologies for Work Zone Lighting

Project Description

Lighting is one of the most important factors for nighttime construction. Motorist and worker safety, quality of work, productivity, and worker morale are all directly related to work zone lighting.

Researchers identified minimum, essential requirements for work zone lighting systems, considering factors such as work type, traffic control needs, and roadway geometrics. In addition, the team examined the influence of lighting and work equipment characteristics upon functional requirements. Researchers discovered that adequate specificity of lighting requirements does not appear to be an issue. However, because the overall lighting system is a complex combination of lighting sources, the research team explored other important issues, including the influence of shadows and the need to improve glare specificity. Of the lighting components typically used in a work zone, vehicle- or equipment-based lighting shows the greatest need for functional requirements and improvements in design.

Opportunities exist to significantly increase the quality and consistency when implementing work zone lighting plans. These opportunities include developing technologies/procedures to

  • monitor lighting levels being provided at key locations within the work area,
  • identify when lighting levels are not meeting or exceeding required levels, and
  • enable easy analysis of how shadows will be developed as a function of light types and positions, other equipment and material being used, etc.

The technologies/procedures to analyze shadows could also be used to test alternative lighting mounting locations, lamp types, etc. prior to establishing the work zone on a given night, when options to mitigate any shadowing effects still exist.

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