Managed Lanes Traffic Control and Signing

Project Description

This project will build upon the previously completed reports, as well as current initiatives. It will expand on such documents as A Guide for HOT Lane Development, the Managed Lane Cross-Cutting Study, and the Managed Lanes Primer. Utilizing these resources while delving into the depths of current and ongoing research and activities in managed lanes, TTI will work to develop tools to help FHWA in its managed lanes mission. FHWA is in need of a Managed Lane 10-year Program Plan (Roadmap) to guide the focus and technical details for future managed lane research, technology transfer, and training initiatives and activities. This Program Plan will serve as a strategic and efficient means of ensuring that research and practice gaps are filled so that both FHWA and transportation agencies across the country have the most current and accurate information to effectively make decisions regarding the future of managed lane operational strategies and the face of urban travel for the 21st century and beyond.

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