Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training for the Railroad Industry Phase II: Design and Pilot-Testing of CRM Training Materials

Project Description

Crew Resource Management (CRM) is a human factors (HF) training process that has been employed in the commercial aviation industry for over 25 years. During that time period, CRM has been credited with contributing to a marked decrease in HF-caused accidents. TTI researchers were involved in a multi-year project for the Federal Rail Administration that focused on adapting CRM for use in the railroad industry across all job functions and crafts.

In phase II of the project, TTI researchers designed and pilot tested a multi-track training program for a variety of railroad job functions/crafts. This phase of the project included the development of a facilitator-led, scenario-driven, core curriculum based upon the recommendations of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for rail-based CRM and the desires of the railroad industry covering technical proficiency, situational awareness, communications, teamwork and assertiveness. Scenarios directly relating to each of these aspects of CRM varied for three different training tracks (with example crafts in each):

  • Transportation: locomotive engineers, conductors, dispatchers, switchmen, brakemen
  • Engineering: section and production gangs (Maintenance of Way), signal maintainers
  • Mechanical: machinists, electricians, pipe fitters, carmen

Final products for each track included a PowerPoint®-based training presentation with student and instructor manuals. Additionally, TTI performed detailed analysis of the pilot testing of the course materials and documented the results in a final report. A copy of this report may be obtained at the FRA's website.

For a complete description of this project and a list of the training materials produced, see the project page on this site.


Link: CRM Phase II Description

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