Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training for the Railroad Industry Phase III: Business Case/Utility Analysis of Implementing CRM in the Railroad Industry

Project Description

Crew Resource Management (CRM) is a human factors (HF) training process that has been employed in the commercial aviation industry for over 25 years. During that time period, CRM has been credited with contributing to a marked decrease in HF-caused accidents. TTI researchers were involved in a multi-year project for the Federal Rail Administration that focused on adapting CRM for use in the railroad industry across all job functions and crafts.

In phase III of the project, researchers used a utility analysis method to quantify the anticipated benefits to the railroad industry if CRM training were to be more broadly adopted. TTI researchers tested the utility analysis model using airline industry data and then applied the model to NTSB and FRA accident data from the railroad industry. The study found that CRM training can have net positive benefits at both the industry and individual railroad level by reducing the overall costs associated with HF accidents. A final report documenting the findings of the study and sensitivity analysis of several parameters was also submitted and has been posted on the FRA's website.

For a complete description of this project and a list of the training materials produced, see the project page on this site.


Link: CRM Phase III Description

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