Landside Freight Access to Airports - Challenges & Solutions

Project Description

Texas' airports play a large role in the national and regional movement of goods by air, including goods moved within the state, across the country, and internationally to several continents. While most freight movement occurs at the largest Texas airports, as demand grows, a other airports will need to be utilized to accommodate additional demand. Properly planned transportation infrastructure is critical in ensuring the vitality of an airport's freight operations. Time-sensitive air freight requires high levels of operational efficiency, which is generally optimized by taking steps to ensure both freight and passenger roadway access within the airport boundaries. Connections and design features of regional highways near the airports are no less important as they allow access to these important economic generators. This research seeks to identify the issues, barriers, physical bottlenecks (e.g., infrastructure needs), and solutions (including funding mechanisms) concerning landside access to airports in Texas and to propose a methodology for identifying and evaluating existing access performance from a freight perspective.

Project Publications

Landside Freight Access to Airports - Challenges & Solutions 0-6265-S

Guidebook on Landside Freight Access to Airports 0-6265-P1

Landside Freight Access to Airports: Findings and Case Studies 0-6265-1

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