Florida DOT Bridge Rails

Project Description

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) identified six transportation safety design issues that could benefit from further research. In conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), these were addressed as individual tasks in a pooled fund research project. The issues included full-scale crashing testing Jersey shaped barriers; evaluating one existing variant of the 32 inch Kansas corral railing; investigating failure modes of bridge railings and decks when thinner bridge decks are used; full-scale testing aluminum directional slip bases for small and medium size sign supports; investigating parapet orientation relative to the bridge deck or relative to a horizontal plane; and full-scale crash testing the F411 to TL-4 bridge railing.

Project Publications

Evaluation of the FDOT Variant of the Modified Kansas Corral Bridge Railing 9-8132-2

Evaluation of Florida DOT Transportation Safety Devices 9-8132-S

Testing and Evaluation of the Florida F Shape Bridge Rail with Reduced Deck Thickness 9-8132-3

Testing and Evaluation of the Florida Jersey Safety Shaped Bridge Rail 9-8132-1

TL-4 Crash Testing of the F411 Bridge Rail 9-8132-P7

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