Evaluation of the Pilot Workplace Surveys in Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas

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D.F. Pearson

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November 1993


A pilot survey of workplaces was conducted as part of the comprehensive travel survey in the Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas, area. The methodology used in the pilot survey was significantly different than that used in the 1990-91 workplace surveys in Texas. The methodology used in the 1990-91 surveys was flawed in its theoretical basis. This paper analyzes the pilot surveys to determine the impact of the new methodology recommended for workplace surveys. The findings of this analysis indicate that the new methodology produces lower attraction rates for non-freestanding workplaces as compared to freestanding workplaces. Based on these findings, the new methodology produces more representative results; and a recommendation is made for the Texas Department of Transportation to continue conducting workplace surveys using the methodology described in the technical note, Workplace Survey Design.

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Workplace Survey; Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas; Attraction Rates

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