Heavy Truck Registration in Texas

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D.L. Jasek, M.I. Ojah, B.N. Hoover

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September 2003


In the past decade the population of Texas, as well as traffic volumes within Texas, have steadily increased. Registration of both passenger cars and light trucks has also increased to reflect the growing population. However, during the same period, registration of heavy trucks and trailers has either remained the same or decreased slightly. One reason for this disparity may be 'jurisdiction shopping" by owners of heavy trucks and trailers. "Jurisdiction shopping" is when a company attempts to benefit from easier registration policies and procedures or lower taxes and fees by headquartering businesses or registering vehicles in other states or jurisdictions. As a result of jurisdiction shopping, Texas does not receive its fair share of registration dollars. The purpose of this project is to focus on jurisdictional policies, procedures, licensing requirements, and fees/taxes of Texas and other jurisdictions. A comparison of this information identified reasons for the disparity in Texas registrations and those of other jurisdictions and provided recommended

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Truck Registration, Vehicle Licensing, Trucks, IRP, Apportionment, Licensing and Registration

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