Rural Transportation Planning Guidebook

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R. Goodwin, J.H. Overman, D.J. Rosa

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March 2004


The mobility challenges facing rural communities concern transportation officials at all levels of government. Today, the rapid growth of many urban and suburban communities extends to the areas once known as rural, altering traffic patterns and changing local and regional economies. Historically, rural mobility received less attention from the federal government compared to urban mobility issues. However, federal legislation like ISTEA and TEA-21 recognized rural transportation issues as critical components to the overall mobility of a region. A cornerstone of TEA-21 is the requirement that rural mobility interests be a part of the statewide planning processes. This guidebook presents strategies and resources for the successful development and implementation of rural transportation projects. This reference will assist metropolitan planning organization (MPO) planning practitioners, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) engineers, administrators, and transportation planning partners to address specific rural transportation needs.

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Rural Planning, Rural Transit

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