Promoting Smart Growth to Texas: Proposed Policies for TxDOT to Benefit from and Support Local Smart Growth Initiatives

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B.S. Bochner, R.I. Rabinowitz, E.N. Hard

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March 2004


Smart growth is planned growth that integrates land use and transportation to create urban development that conserves resources and improves quality of life while providing adequate mobility. This project initiated implementation of previous research findings through a series of workshops and through the development ofthis guideline report for Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) consideration. The guidelines in this report could facilitate TxDOT support of local smart growth programs where initiated by local agencies, and could help TxDOT support local smart growth initiatives through typical TxDOT projects or the enhanced TxDOT policies. The report explains how smart growth can be an asset to TxDOT, and relates how basic smart growth principles are consistent with TxDOT's goals under its Strategic Plan.

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Smart Growth, Transportation Planning, Planning

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