Evaluation of Traffic Control Devices: First Year Activities

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E.R. Rose, H.G. Hawkins, Jr., A.J. Holick, R.P. Bligh

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October 2004


This project was established to provide a means of conducting limited scope evaluations of numerous traffic control device issues. During the first year of the study, researchers completed assessments of six issues: dual logo panels in specific service signing, rear-facing beacons for school speed limit sign assemblies, a red border conspicuity treatment for the Speed Limit sign, crashworthiness of a work zone sign support system, retroreflective border for traffic signal backplates, and methods for locating no-passing zones. Evaluation methods included a computer-based driver survey for the dual logo panels, before and after comparisons of vehicle speeds for the rear-facing school beacon and red border conspicuity treatment for the Speed Limit sign, a crash test for the work zone sign support system, red- and yellow-light running for the retroreflective signal backplate, and a synthesis of practices for locating no-passing zones. Based on the results of the evaluations, the researchers recommend that the dual logo sign panels and the rear-facing school speed limit beacons be considered for implementation. Additional evaluations will be conducted for the red border conspicuity treatment for the Speed Limit signs. The sign support system did not pass the crash test criteria and cannot be implemented without refinements and further crash tests. The retroreflective signal backplate border did not indicate beneficial impacts on reducing red- or yellow-light running at night. The synthesis of methods for locating no-passing zones will be distributed to TxDOT personnel for use.

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Traffic Control Devices

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