Evaluation of Traffic Control Devices: Fifth-Year Activities

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H.G. Hawkins, Jr., A.M. Pike, M. Azimi

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February 2009


This project was established to provide a means of conducting limited scope evaluations of numerous traffic control device issues. During the fifth, and final, year of the project, researchers conducted four activities: improving the interface for the automated process for identifying the start and end of no-passing zones developed during the fourth year, continuing the evaluation of the performance of lead-free yellow thermoplastic pavement markings started at the end of the fourth year, continuing development of the Work Zone Implementation Handbook, and creating an updated edition of the Sign Crew Field Book. The last two of these activities produced stand-alone documents for Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) use. The improved interface for the automated no-passing zone was tested in the field at two sites, and the results indicate that the results are consistent with existing no-passing zone markings when considered for vertical alignment only.

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Traffic Control Devices, No-Passing Zones, Pedestrian Countdown Timers, Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

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