Feasibility of Ethernet as a Center to Field Network for ITS Field Data Communications

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L. Ruback, B.E. Brackin, D.W. Rickerson

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October 2004


The objective of this research is to explore the benefits of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) field cabinet communication design utilizing local area network concepts and Ethernet technologies. The primary goal of the research is the definition of field cabinet network architectures and a concept of operation that can operate effectively given a relatively slow (narrowband) communication link or a broadband connection to a data collection center/point allowing the technology to be used in a variety of deployments. Vendors were encouraged to participate in this research by providing Ethernet-ready devices and network equipment for a technology demonstration. An experimental network was constructed and operated to demonstrate the capability of the architectures utilizing live data from field cabinets moved to a transportation management center. The researchers found that an Ethernet field cabinet and network architecture can supply the needs for today's ITS field devices and provide a significant amount of capability to support the devices of tomorrow.

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Ethernet, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Communications, Network

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