Hurricane Evacuation Traffic Operations

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A.J. Ballard, B.R. Ullman, N.D. Trout, S.P. Venglar, D.W. Borchardt, A.P. Voigt, K.O. Obeng-Boampong, R. Rajbhandari

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March 2008


This research, using focus groups and surveys of individuals who had experienced hurricane evacuations in Texas, assessed various hurricane evacuation traffic signs and pavement markings for developing guidelines. This report contains the process and findings from that effort. Other specific issues addressed include the following:
  • best means of operating traffic signals during mass evacuation,
  • identification of data needs for an after-action review of evacuation traffic operations,
  • intelligent transportation system's role in evacuations,
  • methods of reducing field staffing requirements during evacuations, and
  • applicability of Houston's Beltway 8 East as an evacuation route.
This research also produced tri-fold brochures intended to communicate to the public regarding where and how new contraflow routes will operate during hurricane evacuations. Finally, the report includes findings from traffic simulation computer modeling of various critical locations throughout Texas' evacuation contraflow routes.

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Hurricane Evacuation, Signing, Pavement Marking, Traffic Operations

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