Pilot Implementation of Instrumented Rollers for Monitoring Flexible Pavement Construction

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S.D. Sebesta, T. Scullion, W. Liu

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January 2008


In this project a system for monitoring construction of flexible pavement layers by using an accelerometer mounted on a smooth-drum vibratory compactor was tested on numerous TxDOT projects. Projects tested included untreated subgrade, lime-treated subgrade, cement-treated subgrade, and flexible base. Results showed the roller measurements relate to the stiffness of the pavement foundation layer. The relationship between the roller drum displacement and pavement layer stiffness properties must be calibrated at the jobsite. This report presents a brief summary of the test system, example results, and draft construction specifications and a draft test procedure.

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Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Flexible Pavement, Intelligent Compaction, Accelerometer, Roller Mounted Compaction Control, Instrumented Roller

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