Wireline Communications: A Design Guidebook for Intelligent Transportation Systems: Expanded Materials


R.E. Brydia, B.E. Brackin, J.D. Johnson, G.B. Thomas, K.N. Balke

Publication Date:

October 2007


Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) engineers are responsible for the design, evaluation, and implementation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions across the entire state. These installations occur with vast differences in requirements, expectations, and constraints. Many deployments require some type of communication system to complete the installation. A design/evaluation methodology and training material have been developed to assist engineers in assessing the available options and understanding the benefits and constraints of potential options. The CD-ROM contains:
  • a participant's notebook suitable for classroom use and long-term desk reference,
  • a set of slide presentations covering the material in the methodology and participant's notebook, and
  • an instructor's notebook with slide notes to assist in teaching the material to new audiences.
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    Intelligent Transportation Systems, Communications, Protocols, Video, Communications Design, Communications Evaluation

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