A Guidebook for Effective Use of Incident Data at Texas Transportation Management Centers

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P. Songchitruksa, K.N. Balke, X. Zeng, C. Chu, Y. Zhang

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February 2009


This guidebook provides methodologies and procedures for using incident data collected at Texas transportation management centers (TMCs) to perform two types of analysis - evaluation/planning analysis and predictive analysis. For the evaluation/planning analysis, this guidebook provides (1) guidelines for reporting incident characteristics, (2) methods for analyzing hot spots, (3) methodologies for estimating incident impacts, and (4) guidelines and procedures for calculating performance measures. For predictive analysis, this guidebook describes (1) methodologies for predicting incident duration using incident characteristics and (2) methodologies for predicting incident-induced congestion clearance time using combined historical and real-time traffic data. Examples of applications and results from the methodologies and procedures described are provided throughout this guidebook.

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Transportation Management Center, Incident Data, Performance Measures, Freeway Operations, Incident Management, Incident Impact

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