Communications Trends and their Impact on TxDOT ITS Deployments

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R.E. Brydia, L. Ruback, R. Rajbhandari, J.D. Johnson, B.E. Brackin

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February 2008


The Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has been used in multiple Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) deployments across the state. ATMS utilizes a physical communications infrastructure that provides connections to field devices, provides video streams, and enables information flow to other centers, the media and/or the public. Several trends have an impact on the design and operation of this physical infrastructure, including:
  • development of the next generation software interfaces for ATMS,
  • development of a core technology architecture for TxDOT,
  • communication of industry trends, and
  • needs of information providers.
This project documented the current state of ATMS deployments, analyzed the impacts of the above trends, and developed a conceptual model for an ATMS network architecture to be used in future ITS deployments. This architecture is discussed in terms of services, security, and areas of responsibility.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS), Communications, Information Technology

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