Guidelines on Corridor Management and Preservation for Texas

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E.N. Hard, P.L. Ellis, B.S. Bochner

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July 2008


This CD-ROM, which accompanies Report 0-5606-1, contains a PDF of the research product. The document provides guidelines for how Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) districts and area offices can work together with local jurisdictions in corridor management (CM) and corridor preservation (CP) activities for existing and future TxDOT roadways and corridors. The intended audience is planners and engineers from TxDOT and local jurisdictions who coordinate and interact on planning and development matters within their respective jurisdictions. The document is written for TxDOT, cities, counties, and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) alike and provides general guidance on the use of policies, tools, and techniques in CM and CP that may help bridge the gap in integrating land use and transportation decision making. It stresses the importance of local-state coordination in the land development and planning processes and demonstrates that successful CM and CP programs and projects require ample coordination and partnerships between all entities.

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