A Review of Performance Models and Test Procedures with Recommendations for Use in the Texas M-E Design Program

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F. Zhou, E.G. Fernando, T. Scullion

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September 2008


In the first year of this project, a comprehensive review was made of the available models for predicting the major distresses in flexible pavements, including cracking of asphalt layers and chemically bound layers, permanent deformation of asphalt layers, and permanent deformation of granular base and subgrade layers. In conducting these reviews, the latest models under consideration in both national efforts and various state development efforts were reviewed. The models identified for each of the major distresses are described in this report. Additionally, the associated laboratory test procedures, which can be used to provide TxDOT with the material properties needed as inputs to both the pavement response and performance prediction models, were also identified and discussed. Finally, a detailed laboratory testing plan was proposed for Year 2 study.

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Flexible Pavement Design, Overlay Test, Repeated Load Test, Rutting, Fatigue Cracking, TexME

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