Transfer Functions for Various Distress Types

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F. Zhou, E.G. Fernando, T. Scullion

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January 2009


The objective of TxDOT project 0-5798 is to develop the framework for the development and implementation of the next level of MEPDG (Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design guide) for TxDOT (Tex-ME). One critical feature of the new system will be transfer functions which are used to estimate pavement life from the load and environmentally induced pavement stresses and strains. This product documents the research team's recommended pavement distress transfer functions. These transfer functions should be considered as draft at this time, they will continue to be refined for the duration of this study and the final versions will be included in the project final report.

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Fatigue Cracking, Rutting, Reflective Cracking, Low-Temperature Cracking, Staqbilized Materials

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