Implementation of Advance Warning of End of Green System (AWEGS): Implementation Report

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S.R. Sunkari, H.A. Charara, J.D. Johnson

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August 2009


The objective of this implementation project was to implement four AWEGS across Texas at intersections appropriate for the installation of AWEGS. After a survey across Texas, four sites were chosen in the Atlanta District, Pharr District, Odessa District, and San Antonio District. The AWEGS design plans were prepared for these four sites and submitted to the districts. These plans were prepared for an intersection with high-speed approaches having the required dilemma zone detection design. The Atlanta District implementation was typical of the earlier implementation and used the TS2 TS 1 conversion panel. However the remaining implementations were configured for using enhanced BIUs. AWEGS software was also modified to account for rail preemption as the site in Odessa District was being preempted by between 15 to 25 trains per day. Finally the implementation in San Antonio District was redesigned to use radar detection for both dilemma zone and advance detection. AWEGS at the Atlanta, Pharr, and Odessa Districts have been implemented and an evaluation of the system showed that AWEGS was performing satisfactorily at all sites. TTI researchers are awaiting the San Antonio District to install the radar detectors to implement the system there.

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Advance Warning Flashers, AWEGS, W3-4 Signs, Advance Traffic Warning Devices, Traffic Actuated Control , Enhanced BIU, TS 2 Conversion Panel

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