Characterization of In-Use Emissions from TxDOT's Non-road Equipment Fleet - Final Report

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D. Lee, J. Zietsman, R. Farzaneh, J.D. Johnson, T.L. Ramani, A.A. Protopapas, J.H. Overman

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August 2010


The objective of this document is to present the findings of the study characterizing in-use emissions of TxDOT's non-road diesel equipment. This document presents literature reviews of emission reduction technologies and emission control measures practiced by the state of Texas and other states, discusses selection of TxDOT's non-road equipment and emission reduction technologies for emissions testing, and shows the in-use emissions of TxDOT's diesel equipment before and after installing and utilizing the selected emission reduction technologies (hydrogen enrichment and fuel additive technologies) using portable emission measurement systems (PEMS). Emissions measurements and data comparison and analysis have been performed with the technologies. The selected technologies did not show statistically significant NOx emissions reductions. From additional analysis with other pollutants, both technologies did not show any benefits in terms of emissions reductions. An optimization model has also been developed as part of this research and can be used to maximize the benefit of deploying other emission reduction technologies (that are proven effective) among TxDOT's non-road diesel fleet.

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Non-road Equipment, Diesel Equipment, Grader, Rubber Tire Loader, Excavator, Exhaust Emissions, NOx, Emissions Reduction, PEMS Testing

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