Video over IP Design Guidebook

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R.E. Brydia, B.E. Brackin, R.F. De Roche, J.D. Johnson, G.B. Thomas

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December 2009


Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) engineers are responsible for the design, evaluation, and implementation of video solutions across the entire state. These installations occur with vast differences in requirements, expectations, and constraints. Because the systems require extensive interoperability to other systems, agencies, and deployments, a systems engineering process (SEP) is employed to develop a consistent and structured approach to the development of concepts, needs, requirements, design, testing, and ongoing operations. The guidebook contains an accompanying CD which illustrates many aspects of video, which are more easily understood from a visual perspective. The goal of this guidebook is two-fold: (1) to establish a fundamental level of knowledge in video concepts, and (2) to frame the discussion within the concept of systems engineering to provide a logical, consistent, and structured approach to video system development and deployment.

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Video, Systems Engineering, Communications

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CD contents to accompany guidebook

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