Integrating Utility Conflict Elimination and Environmental Processes

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C.A. Quiroga, E. Kraus, J.H. Overman, N.A. Koncz

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February 2010


This research evaluated the feasibility of (1) obtaining better existing utility data during preliminary design and coordinating this activity with the environmental process, and (2) increasing the level of definition of design components during preliminary design without affecting environmental requirements to support the earlier application of utility processes. Researchers developed an integrated environmental/utility business process model based on a detailed review of current practices, potential regionalization impacts, and the optimization strategies discussed previously. The development also included a prototype web-based application called TxDOT Business Process Explorer (TxBPE) to facilitate access to project development process information graphically. Researchers recommend:
  • implementing 10 potential strategies listed in the report,
  • implementing the prototype environmental/utility business process model,
  • implementing TxBPE,
  • overhauling the Texas Department of Transportation manual structure,
  • implementing a standard for business process models, and
  • improving utility-related data-recording practices during letting and construction.

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