Phase II Environmental Site Investigation Procedures and Technologies for Property Transfer and PS&E Development

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J.H. Overman

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May 1999


The purpose of this project is to provide TxDOT with an improved procedure for conducting environmental site investigations at various stages during transportation infrastructure development. The project seeks to identify modem assessment technologies, procedures, and regulatory requirements that can be incorporated into a new TxDOT site assessment procedure. The major tasks for this project include a review of current literature for the procedural and regulatory aspects of conducting site investigations; a review of the technological and geophysical investigative tools used in site investigations; the development of a procedure for conducting site investigations; and a provision for training TxDOT engineers and planners in the use and application of the procedure. The project will enable TxDOT to incorporate the use of investigation techniques and procedures into fight-of-way and design manuals and to promote a better understanding of the site investigation process to TxDOT divisions and districts.

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Environmental Site Assessment, Phase 11 Environmental Site Investigation Technology

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