Field Performance Evaluation of Hydrated, Fly Ash Bases in the Atlanta District - Year 1

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C.K. Estakhri, R. Viswanathan

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November 1997


The Atlanta District has constructed six pavement sections since 1993 using hydrated fly ash as the flexible base material. This research project was initiated to evaluate and monitor performance and changes in material properties for these six pavements through the year 2001. Evaluation of performance shall be based on visual documentation, falling-weight deflectometer tests and compressive strengths of field cores.|This report is intended to serve as an interim report documenting the performance evaluations conducted in the spring of 1997. This report covers the first annual evaluation in a series of five.|Most of the hydrated fly ash test pavements are performing very well at this time. Two of the six pavements are exhibiting minor distress which might be attributable to deficiencies in the fly ash base material.|Falling weight deflectometer testing revealed that there is variability in the moduli of these base materials which warrants investigation (i.e., weak spots and stiff spots within a single pavement section). Also, one pavement is considerably stiffer (overall) than the other five.

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Hydrated Fly Ash, Coal Combustion By-Products, Fly Ash, Stabilized Bases, Highway Construction

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