Operations Manual for Portable Profiler - Installing and Using the Portable Profiler

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R.S. Walker, E.G. Fernando

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June 2010


The Texas Transportation Institute developed a single-path, easy-to-use, portable profiler. The operations manual for the portable profiler describes using the UTA-Profiler Program with the portable profiler for generating surface profiles. The calibration and initialization files used by the UTA-Profiler Program are compatible with the standard Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) files used with VAMOS and WinTK. The generated profile obtained when using the UTA-Profiler Program with the portable profiler is consistent with the TxDOT PF9 VNET data file specifications, so the generated profile can be directly used with current TxDOT and PROVAL application programs. The operations manual also gives step-by-step instructions for installing the portable profiler module on a typical van or truck.

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