Platoon Identification and Accommodation System Implementation in Brownwood and Caldwell, Texas

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N.A. Chaudhary, H.A. Charara, R.R. Longmire, J.D. Johnson

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March 2010


In Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Project 0-5507, Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) researchers developed and field-tested an enhanced version of a platoon identification and accommodation (PIA) system developed in an earlier research project. A key feature of the PIA-2 system developed in Project 0-5507 was its ability to detect and progress platoons in both arterial directions. The objective of this implementation project was to install the PIA-2 system at two additional locations in Texas. This report documents the work performed in this implementation project.

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Isolated Signalized Intersections, Platoon Progression, Real-Time Control

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