Field and Laboratory Investigations for Full Depth Reclamation Projects

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S.D. Sebesta, T. Scullion, C.K. Estakhri

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March 2011


Full-depth reclamation (FDR) offers a timely, cost-effective solution to restore a pavement's condition. However, FDR represents only one technique in the engineer's toolkit available for addressing deteriorating pavement conditions. The purpose of this project is to provide guidance on determining whether a pavement is a candidate for FDR and, if so, what design, construction, and inspection processes will maximize the performance of the completed reclamation. This report presents initial recommendations for selecting a candidate FDR project and developing design options (including field sampling and lab design protocols). Along with a literature review, these recommendations are illustrated by application on several projects in TxDOT's Austin and Dallas Districts.

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Full Depth Reclamation, Full Depth Recycling, FDR, Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR, Pavement Recycling

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