Texas Flexible Pavements and Overlays: Review and Analysis of Existing Databases

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L.F. Walubita, E.M. Espinoza, G. Das, J.H. Oh, T. Scullion, S. Nazarian, I. Abdallah

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December 2011


This study was initiated to collect materials and pavement performance data on a minimum of 100 highway test sections around the State of Texas. As well as being used to calibrate and validate mechanistic-empirical (M-E) design models, the data collected will also serve as an ongoing reference data source and/or diagnostic tool for TxDOT engineers and other transportation professionals. Towards this goal and as an integral part of developing the data collection plans, a detailed review and analyses of existing databases was conducted. Four databases, namely: a) the UT Texas Flexible Pavement Database (TFPDB), b) the Texas Perpetual Pavement (PP), c) the Texas Successful Flexible Pavement (TSFP), and d) the Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) were comprehensively reviewed and the review results are documented in this report. In general, only the Texas PP database that contains substantial data (both processed and raw) was found to be helpful to this study. If need be, the PP raw data can be re-analyzed to meet the needs of this study. The LTPP database was also found to have some data (such as resilient modulus, creep, tensile strength, etc) that maybe useful. Except for the interfacial framework and other accessibility attributes, both the TFPDB and TSFP lack most of the critical data that is required for this study. Nonetheless, all the existing databases will be periodically referenced and constantly reviewed during the course of this study for any potential data that will be found valuable.

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