ProScan System Evaluation

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E.G. Fernando, G.M. Carmona

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December 1994


The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is implementing a Profilograph-based QC/QA smoothness specification wherein surface smoothness is measured using the Profile Index (PI) determined from Profilograph data. In view of the relative importance of the daily average PI, it is imperative that the reduction of profilograms be completed expeditiously. Failure to do so can result in construction delays.|This report presents a method for automated reduction of profile data from manual Profilographs. From experience, the manual method of reducing profilograms is both time consuming and subjective, and a faster and more consistent alternative is definitely warranted. To address this need, researchers evaluated a computerized data reduction system called ProScan to establish its accuracy and consistency in determining the profile index and defect stations from profilograms. In this method, a profilogram is scanned, and the determination of PI's and defect stations is accomplished automatically via software. Output shows the calculated Profile Indices for the scanned segments and the locations of defects (bumps and dips).|In view of the potential improvement in productivity that ProScan may bring, TxDOT requested the product evaluation presented in this report. This evaluation consisted of comparing the results obtained automatically by ProScan with results obtained manually using the method specified by TxDOT under Test Method Tex 1000-S, "Operation of Pavement Profilograph and Evaluation of Profiles." The main finding from the study is that ProScan gives accurate and consistent results, at significantly less time and effort, compared to the manual method. The operational experience in using ProScan is described, along with recommendations for additional improvements.

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Smoothness Specification, Manual Profilograph, Roughness Measurement, Profile Index, ProScan

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