Urban Travel Demand Modeling Data

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D.F. Pearson, G.B. Dresser

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November 1994


This report documents an overview of the travel surveys done in Texas betweeen 1984 and 1991 relative to the data requirements for development of travel demand models. A comprehensive review and evaluation of the methods and techniques for developing regional and zonal estimates of urban data for use in travel demand models is presented. This review and evalutation includes both theoretical considerations and the methods and techniques in use in urban areas within and outside of Texas. No single method or technique was found to be superior. The techniques in use vary considerably, depending on the urban area's size and complexity. Methods are recommended for the development of regional and zonal level estimates of population, households, employment, household income, and vehicle availability. These methods may not be applicable in all urban areas but may serve as useful guides for the development of local techniques in estimating the input data for travel demand modeling.

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Travel Surveys, Population, Households, Household Income, Vehicle Availability, Employment, Forecasts, Allocation Methods, Regional Forecasts, Zonal Forecasts

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