Interim Manual for Managed Lanes

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B.T. Kuhn, V.D. Goodin, M.A. Brewer, T.S. Collier, K. Fitzpatrick, D.L. Jasek, S.P. Venglar

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October 2003


Texas cities are currently considering the managed lane concept on major freeway projects . As a new concept of operating freeways in a flexible and possibly dynamic manner, it has a limited experience base, thereby creating a knowledge vacuum in emerging key areas that are critical for effective implementation . Complicating the effort is the rapid progress of several freeway improvement projects in Texas in which managed lane operations are proposed . The operational experience both in Texas and nationally for managed lanes is minimal, particularly for extensive freeway reconstruction projects . The objectives of this research project are to investigate the complex and interrelated issues surrounding the safe and efficient operation of managed lanes using various operating strategies and to develop a managed lanes manual to help the Texas Department of Transportation (Tx DOT) make informed planning, design, and operational decisions when considering these facilities for its jurisdiction . This document presents three years of research in the form of a draft manual for managed lanes . It includes three chapters in draft form, which include a guide to the manual, an introduction to managed lanes, and design. This document includes research in a usable format, providing a clear, concise, and step-wise approach to planning, designing, operating, and enforcing a managed lanes facility . It also refers the user to other pertinent documents which provide additional detailed information on various aspects of managed lanes.

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Managed Lanes, Freeway, Operations, HOV, HOT, Truck Restrictions, Manual, Planning, Geometric Design

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