Texas Lawmakers Are Increasingly Turning to TTI for Answers to Questions Like These

Identification plate on a hybrid vehicle

Is there a hidden cost to better fuel economy? Are there alternative approaches for paying for road construction and maintenance? What does congestion cost the typical Texas household? Are there other ways to move freight across the border? The depth and breadth of Texas Transportation Institute’s expertise in all facets of transportation are valuable assets … Read More

Tightening Your Beltway in Tough Times

Portrait of Dennis Christiansen

Perhaps the single greatest challenge to transportation today is funding — funding to build, funding to operate, funding to maintain. Budgets are shrinking, but the driving population isn’t. One way to address these competing challenges is through innovation. Research and economic projections tell us that our future transportation needs far exceed our current funding levels. … Read More

Oberstar outlines “future of transportation” during visit with TTI

Chairman James Oberstar addresses local elected leaders and transportation officials in TTI's TransLink® Research Laboratory while Congressman Chet Edwards looks on.

U.S. Representative James Oberstar (D-Minn.), chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, outlined his vision of the future of transportation when he met with leaders of the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) during a recent visit to College Station. It was Representative Oberstar’s first visit to TTI but not his first experience with the … Read More