TTI, TxDOT Team Up to Test Connected-Vehicle Technology

Connected-vehicle technology along higway with a long-haul commercial truck passing behind it.

Connected vehicles are coming. The transportation industry is already working on standards and prototypes. And part of developing them is testing to ensure the future of transportation is as safe, efficient and reliable as possible. A portion of I-35 could soon become a national test bed for connected-vehicle research, thanks in part to a four-year … Read More

Getting Information to Drivers to Improve Awareness, Safety

highway work zone with portable changeable message sign in use

Traffic Safety It’s the 21st century. Every day seems to bring a new advance in technology — the latest smartphone, the fastest tablet, the sharpest HDTV. Advances like these are happening in transportation too, and they’re being applied to traffic safety for highway work zones. One day, cars that drive themselves and communicate with the … Read More

Work Zone Safety: We’re All In This Together

Work Zone Awareness Week graphic

Roadway work zones are hazardous both for motorists who navigate through lane changes and slowed speeds and for the dedicated workers whose office is often mere feet away from moving vehicles. Each year in April, National Work Zone Awareness Week is held to bring national attention to motorist and worker safety and mobility issues in … Read More

TTI in the Media


Over the past year, TTI experts answered tough questions on a variety of state and national transportation issues. Over 2,500 newspaper articles, broadcast television spots and professional journals — with a potential reach of over 725 million readers and viewers nationwide — mentioned the Institute or its experts. Here are a few excerpts of TTI‘s … Read More

The Forgiving Roadside: TTI research, facilities are vital to protecting your loved ones

cable median barriers installed along a roadway

It’s five times safer to travel on our nation’s roadways today than it was five decades ago. For every 100 million miles Americans traveled in 1960, five people died. Today, the rate has dropped to just over one death per 100 million miles. “As a nation 50 years ago, we decided that killing tens of … Read More

Work Zone Up Ahead: Other States Call TTI for Work Zone Research

A mobile arrow panel alerts motorists to an upcoming lane merge.

Traffic operations, such as improving the safety and efficiency of work zones, are coast-to-coast priorities. Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) researchers journey outside the Lone Star State whenever — and wherever — duty calls. Three recent work zone projects have been part of TTI‘s effort to help sponsors nationwide. Intrusion Countermeasures Orange-and-white drums do not always … Read More