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Scott Cooner, P.E.
Research & Implementation - Arlington
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
110 N. Davis Dr., Suite 101
Arlington, TX 76013
Ph. (817) 462-0525 Ext. 11525

The Research & Implementation – Arlington Program and the Urban Analysis Program are located in TTI’s Arlington office. Working in coordination with the TTI Dallas office to support the TxDOT Dallas District, Research & Implementation – Arlington provides ongoing research and technical support to the Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso and Lubbock TxDOT Districts, DART and other sponsors. TTI researchers’ areas of expertise include freeway analysis, incident management, safety studies and ITS evaluation.

The Urban Analysis Program technical specialty is transportation planning. Researchers lead and assist in various transportation planning technical activities, such as developing and delivering professional development and policy training, direct technical assistance and technology transfer with sponsors, and applied research in the areas of transportation/air quality, access management, and traffic monitoring for planning.

Map to the TTI Arlington Office

110 N. Davis Dr., Suite 101
Arlington, TX 76013
ph. (817) 277-5503

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