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Fujie Zhou, PE
Senior Research Engineer
Pavement Materials Chemistry
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
3135 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3135
Ph. (979) 317-2325

Four well-equipped laboratories (approximately 6,000 square feet), known as the Asphalt Binder and Chemistry Laboratory, are devoted exclusively to asphalt chemistry research in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Researchers at the center test properties of asphalt binders, evaluate the change in oxygen content of asphalt after aging, and compute surface tension and contract angle data for fluid-fluid and fluid-solid systems, among other analytical tests. The center is well known for its lab-scale asphalt refinery. Called ROSE (Residual Oil Supercritical Extractor), the refinery is unique in that it enables researchers to make custom research batches of asphalt and test their properties. The department also has a surface characterization laboratory and an analytical laboratory. Equipment and instrumentation in these labs are state of the art and extensive as needed to accommodate a variety of projects.